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"It was good resource getting out of college. "

Amy C.

"I have used Monster and HotJobs for many years, but after using iHire for only a few weeks I was contacted by an employer about a fantastic job! I would recommend iHire to anybody I know who is looking for a job or a career change. Thanks so much!"


Murrieta, CA
"iHireBiotechnology helped me find jobs and different companies in the field of my desire."

Kenneth M.

Saint Louis, MO
"This is a great service. Thank you for the service you provide!"


La Crescent, MN
"iHire helped me to find and prioritize job listings. It made organizing my job search easier. "

Daniel D.

Flagstaff, AZ
"That is exactly what I was looking for. You did an excellent job of hitting the high points of my career. I'm extremely satisfied with the product as is. In the future if I know anybody looking for a good resume writer I will be happy to forward them to you."

Randy A. - Consultant, Regulatory Operations

San Pedro, CA
"The skill identification was really helpful in building my resume."

Ngozi A.

Brooklyn, NY
"I now have a full-time job because of my resume. Having my resume redone by iHire was the right thing to do. I am very happy. THANK YOU!"

Beth Compton Milles

Los Angeles, CA